5 thoughts on “Organic Superconductors

  1. Impressive. What is the name of this molecule? It is shaped like a C60 but it’s larger. Can you link me to an article about it? Thank you

    • Ha ha, there is no name yet, but it has C60’s topological architecture. This is a “beautiful” object, but one that would be very difficult to prepare synthetically, so there is no article on it. Soon, I will update our group’s website to include background text and current work in this area. Thanks for posting!

  2. Can it be a cage for specifically recognizing other molecules or other interesting characteristics? Does it have other derivatives? Does the derivatives of this molecule have prospective application? It looks so cool. Where can I find the article or introduction for more information?
    Thank you

    • Hi Fangjie, this is a hypothetical molecule that will be likely challenging to synthesize, although most likely feasible eventually. It would definitely be really cool to make it!

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